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Matte or Glossy – Which Porcelain Tile Finish Works Best for You?

Matte or Glossy – Which Porcelain Tile Finish Works Best for You?

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When choosing a right material for home or office, we often focus on factors such as style, colour, design, etc. – often forgetting about the finish of the product. Matte and glossy surfaces are the two common porcelain finishes available in the market. Both have their own favourable qualities that elevate the space with sophistication. Choosing the right surface is an important decorating decision that will determine the look of your room. Let’s explore matte and glossy finishes in detail.

Matte Finish Surfaces

Porcelain that has a non-shiny surface is known as matte finish. They make the room appear chic and elegant. They are non-slip and low maintenance in nature, ideal for places like kitchens, bathrooms and balconies. If you are looking to create a subtle look, you must opt for matte finish porcelain products. Some striking features of matte finish porcelain are:

Non-slippery Texture

Matte surfaces have better fractions compared to glossy. As they are anti-slip, they work perfectly for places with higher water usage, like bathrooms and kitchens. Matte porcelain tiles are also an ideal choice for a household with children and pets, as the non-slipping properties will prevent accidents.

Traditional Appearance

If you desire a natural, rustic feel in your home or office space, then opt for matte finish porcelain as they present a traditional elegant look in the room.

Low Maintenance

Matte surface is an exceptional flooring option as it obtains little to no stains and scratches, minimizing the time and effort needed to clean the surface. Being easy to maintain, they are an excellent choice for places with heavy foot traffic.

Glossy Finish Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain surfaces with shiny reflective surfaces are known as glossy finish. A glazed coating of liquid glass during the manufacturing process creates a polished finish for them. The gloss enriches the colour and design of the tiles, offering a modern, trendy look for your space. Here are some prominent features of glossy finish porcelain materials:


Glossy finish has a shiny surface that reflects light, making your room feel bigger and brighter. You can install these tiles to elevate the atmosphere if you have a small room or a room that receives little natural light.

Modern Appearance

Slabs with a gloss finish present a sleek, modern look. Porcelain surfaces that imitate marble design and have a gloss finish are a fabulous choice for large spaces like living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

Easy Maintenance

The slab’s smooth surface makes it exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. Additional qualities of durability, heat resistance and non-absorbency make it an attractive choice.

Both kinds of porcelain surfaces – matte and glossy – carry unique qualities. Ultimately, it depends on personal preference while deciding which tile will work best for your space.

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