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About Us

About Us

NL Porcelain

Our team at Northern Lights Porcelain is passionate about using our specialized large-format porcelain slabs to make beautiful and functional spaces for people to live and work in. The porcelain slabs are unlike anything else in the market. We provide a variety of styles that replicate the beauty of the natural world and have over 30 surface options in our warehouse.

Each product, from book-match to end-match and random pattern designs, is made with a consistent and alluring effect that turns any room into a work of art. Since quality is crucial, the team at Northern Lights Porcelain meticulously selects only the finest raw materials. Using sophisticated polishing techniques, we make our large-format porcelain slabs under strict quality control procedures to provide a flawless, non-wavy mirror-like reflection.

As part of our commitment to ongoing development, we frequently add new and innovative products. We aim for quality. Thus, all of our porcelain slabs, porcelain slabs are produced to the highest industry standards.

With Northern Lights Porcelain, creating beautiful and functional spaces is easy and affordable. We provide all essential elements of aesthetics for indoor and outdoor living at an attractive price point without sacrificing quality.

We are porcelain Specialists

Our company takes immense pride in being one of Canada’s top suppliers of porcelain. We have attained this prestigious position in the market because of our dedication to producing high-quality goods and offering excellent customer service.

We always work to stay abreast of the most recent advancements in porcelain manufacturing techniques and fashion trends. As a result, we can provide our clients with the finest porcelain slabs in the market.

Porcelain has always been prized for its outstanding qualities, and when it is created in larger formats, its beauty is greatly enhanced. Our vision is to be at the forefront of encouraging and expanding the use of porcelain products in all types of spaces, both residential and commercial.

We invite you to contact us with inquiries about our products and services. Our professionals are always willing to assist you and offer any information you require to make an informed choice on our products.