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Create a Sophisticated Office Space with Porcelain

Create a Sophisticated Office Space with Porcelain


Turn your dull office space into a sophisticated and contemporary one by installing stylish porcelain slabs on your walls and floorings. Designs of porcelain slabs resemble natural materials like marble, stone, metal and concrete, which elevate the look of your office. Porcelain is a highly durable material and scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, waterproof and anti-bacterial, making it an ideal material to use in your office space. Here are a few ways to design a sophisticated office space by installing porcelain slabs.

Use Porcelain as Flooring

Porcelain as Flooring

Highlight the desk in your office by installing a different colour or shade of porcelain on that spot. This also creates an illusion of a carpet on the floor. Furthermore, installing porcelain on your office floor will create a new and trendy workspace. As the material is durable and scratch resistant, it is perfect for flooring in offices and commercial spaces. Ensure the porcelain you buy have a PEI rating of four and above, as they are the best for medium to heavy foot traffic areas.

Utilize Large Format Slabs for Walls

It is generally advised to use large format porcelain slabs as they obtain fewer grout lines during installation, creating a seamless finish. The unique designs and patterns will make your office look sleek and attractive. Moreover, porcelain is made from natural ingredients, and the design replicates objects from nature, like marble and wood. It is also scratch-resistant and non-porous, which makes it super easy to clean and maintain.

Install Porcelain Desks and Table Tops

Install Porcelain Desks

As mentioned before, porcelain is one of the best materials for interior decoration as it possesses many notable qualities such as high durability, scratch resistance, water resistance, and heat resistance, among others. Its beneficial features make the task of cleaning and maintaining easy. For a change, use a porcelain slab as your tabletop in your office. Additionally, its beautiful colours and patterns will enhance your workstation.

Insert the Slabs at Pathways

Opt for porcelain with solid colours and bold patterns to highlight the pathways in your office. Incorporating porcelain will brighten up the space and make it look lively. Design the path creatively by utilizing stylish and colourful porcelain slabs.

Design an elegant and sophisticated space by installing porcelain in your office. At Northern Lights Porcelain, our large format slabs are created using top quality ingredients and manufactured with world-class machinery to deliver the best products. To learn more about our services, contact us today.