NL Porcelain - Floor Porcelain Tiles Designs In Canada

Why Large Format


Porcelain has it all

Large format porcelain slabs are opening a whole new world. We all know what a great performer porcelain is. When we translate all those capabilities to a slab, the value of large porcelain surfaces emerges.


Thanks to the new technology, porcelain can be manufactured with comparable beauty to marble, stone, or metal. There are tons of places where our porcelain slabs can be used. Some of the most common applications are:



Shower Walls

Tub Surrounds

Kitchen Backsplashes

Bathroom Backsplashes

Floor Porcelain Tiles Designs - NL Porcelain



Large Feature Walls

Exterior Cladding

Outdoor Patios

Outdoor Countertops

Dining Tables

Meeting Tables

Office Desks

Reception Desks

Integrated Solutions

For Your Space
Northern Lights Porcelain provides integrated solutions for your space. Using the same material in multiple places in your home is becoming a trend. When you want to have a stunning kitchen countertop, a bathroom wall or living room floor, our large format porcelain slab is an ideal choice to create a seamless transition from one space to the next.

Porcelain has many advantages such as high resistance to heat, impact, etching and staining, lowest maintenance requirements, surface hygiene. Durability of porcelain also makes it a great candidate for outdoor applications. Would you like a beautiful exterior for your house or a spectacular look for your patio furniture? Then, porcelain is the right choice.

Porcelain eliminates the worry of sun damage as they are completely UV resistant. They are also frost-tolerant for homes across the country. We provide a wide range of color options, surface textures and patterns to adapt any style that you are looking for. For inspiration pictures, please review our gallery.