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Large-format porcelain slabs are revolutionizing the world of interiors. Porcelain has consistently been recognized for its exceptional performance, but when these capabilities are combined with the benefits of large slabs, the potential for these surfaces becomes truly remarkable. Whether it’s kitchen or bathroom countertops, living room walls or dining table tops, turn every room into a delight for the eyes.


Recent technological developments have made it possible to design large porcelain slabs with astonishing beauty that matches marble, stone, or metal. This has expanded the range of applications for porcelain slabs in many contexts. Our porcelain slabs are used in a variety of applications, some of which include:



Shower Walls

Tub Surrounds

Kitchen Backsplashes

Bathroom Backsplashes

Floor Porcelain Tiles Designs - NL Porcelain



Large Feature Walls

Exterior Cladding

Outdoor Patios

Outdoor Countertops

Dining Tables

Meeting Tables

Office Desks

Reception Desks

Integrated Solutions

For Your Space
Northern Lights Porcelain offers complete solutions for your home by providing high-quality porcelain products that can be used in various areas of your house. Utilizing the same material throughout your home is one of the newest trends. That’s where our large porcelain slabs can seamlessly transition between your kitchen counters, bathroom countertops, table tops, or living room floors.

Porcelain is one of the most durable surface materials and offers many benefits, including its excellent resistance to heat, impact, etching, and staining.

Porcelain slabs are an excellent option for anyone seeking a durable and low-maintenance solution because they have few maintenance requirements and the best surface hygiene. It is also appropriate for outdoor uses, making patio furniture and constructing a lovely home exterior.
Northern Lights Porcelain has a vast selection of color choices, surface textures, and patterns to suit any desired style. Our products are frost-tolerant for homes nationwide and entirely UV resistant, removing the concern of sun damage.

View our gallery for ideas on how our large-format porcelain slabs might improve your home’s aesthetic appeal.