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Add Glamour to Your Bathroom with Porcelain Surfaces

Add Glamour to Your Bathroom with Porcelain Surfaces

Installing Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is a type of ceramic made primarily from refined clay and baked at very high temperatures to produce a strong and durable product. The highly durable, non-porous, moisture-resistant, stain-free, scratch-resistant and anti-bacterial nature of porcelain makes it an ideal material to install in the bathroom. Apart from its exceptional qualities, its designs and patterns aesthetically enhance your bathroom’s appearance. You can use porcelain slabs as walls, floorings and countertops in your bathrooms. Here are some ways to glamourize your bathrooms by decorating them with porcelain:

Go Large for a Modern and Sleek Look

Modern and Sleek Look

If you are looking for a modern bathroom aesthetic, you should opt for large-format porcelain slabs for your floors. When installing large slabs, porcelain works without leaving grout lines, offering a smooth finish. You can buy porcelain that mimic concrete surfaces to indulge fully in the modern aesthetic vibe. Remember, when you order large format porcelain slabs, take into account the weight and dimensions. You may need two or more people to deliver and install them in your bathroom.

Match the Walls and Floors

You can create a depth illusion by installing the same porcelain material for your walls as well as the floors. This is a smart way to make your small bathroom feel larger than it actually is. Select a light-tone colour to avoid creating an overwhelming atmosphere. Also, ensure the porcelain slabs you have chosen are suitable to install for both bathroom floors and walls.

Colour Block with Slabs

Colour Block with Slabs

Colour blocking is done by utilizing contrasting blocks of colour, which can elevate the personality of your bathroom space. You can implement this technique in your bathroom by pairing porcelain with other surface materials like wood or metal. The key to successfully executing this method is to make the position of the slabs look purposeful. For example, you could install porcelain in the bathtub and shower area while the rest of the space can be covered in wooden panels. Doing so also helps to distinguish the space within the room.

Combine Different Finishings

You can choose matte porcelain slabs for your bathroom flooring, which will help to avoid slips and falls. On the other hand, glossy finish porcelain material for the bathroom walls enhance the look and feel of your space and liven up your bathroom.

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