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Here’s Why You Should Get a Porcelain Outdoor Table

Here’s Why You Should Get a Porcelain Outdoor Table

Porcelain Outdoor Table

Porcelain is a material usually used for floors, walls, kitchen backsplashes, countertops and bathrooms, but did you know that it can also be the ideal material for an outdoor table? Its durable nature; valuable features like water, stain and heat resistance; and the fact that it also doesn’t discolour when exposed to sunlight for a long time – all these special components make porcelain a perfect fit for an outdoor table. Here are reasons why you should definitely get an outdoor porcelain table.

UV Light Resistance

Porcelain is made up of natural materials like kaolin, quartz and sand, which are heated and mixed, and also contribute to it being UV light resistant. Even when it stays exposed to sunlight for long hours, it doesn’t discolour or fade away. This feature makes it a favourable option to use as an outdoor table.

Heat Endurance

As the process of producing porcelain includes heating the material at high temperatures, the final product is bound to be heat resistant. This feature makes it perfect for placing porcelain as an outdoor table in your sunny backyard while you host family BBQs. However, placing a heat mat or similar item on the table surface is advised before you keep hot pots and pans for safety purposes.

High Durability

Porcelain is made from high-quality refined clay through a meticulous process, which results in a strong and highly durable material. It is strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic without damage, so the weight of simple objects like pots and plates would not be an issue. Its strong and durable nature puts porcelain in high demand in the market.

Low Absorption

Porcelain is a non-porous material, which means you would not have to worry about spilling any liquids. You can easily clean any food spills with warm water and cloth or paper towels. If necessary, you can also use dish soap, for instance, if you spill strong-smelling food. As porcelain doesn’t absorb any fluids and is easy to clean, it is regarded as one of the best materials to use as an outdoor table.

Home Complement

As porcelain is created through an engineered process, its design can be customized and created as per customers’ liking. If you want to be consistent with your home design theme, then utilize the same porcelain for the kitchen countertop as well as the outdoor table. Or you can have a matching porcelain table-top and a bench-top.

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